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Songs You Should Know: “The Whole World,” Outkast feat. Killer Mike (2001)

A Grammy-award winning classic. Good morning!

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cant put into words how much this mans music has done for me in my life truly. 

I love you don’t ever fucking question that, that’s probably why we’ll never get along. If I was better at finding the right words to say I wouldn’t need to write these mother fucking songs.

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La cocaina no es buena para tu salud.

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Aye. Stop deleting credits please and thank you.

Photography by Spencer Charles

Model, myself.

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Mi Negrita - Devendra Banhart

Have been dedicated this song and I’ll love it till the end of time🌹

i love how be can sing in spanish and english pretty flawlessly


Forever my favorite

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I would never like a dominant gi-

fuck nevermind

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